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Kevin Jewell

President and Founder

Kevin has been Locksmithing since 1979 and is well versed in all phases of Locksmithing. There is an emphasis on Automotive lock work, Forensic Locksmithing, and master key systems. Current duties include dispatching and management, but he has been known to perform service calls in a pinch.

Debbie Maloney

Shop Manager

Debbie has been in the Locksmithing industry since 1990 and is in charge of retail shop operations.

Glenn McKinney


Glenn has been part of the Locksmith industry since 1990. He is currently covering general Locksmithing and installations performed by Precision Locksmithing.

Eric Pederson


Eric has been Locksmithing since 1984 and is a versatile Locksmith. He has excellent skills involving automotive and safes, Eric currently covers most of the safe calls of the company.

Greig Pym

Steel Door Specialist

Greig has been contracted to Precision for over 10 years and comes to the company with years and years of experience within the steel door industry. He is a superior hardware installation specialist.

Khalil Lakhani


Khalil joined the company in 2017 having come over from another Locksmith company. Khalil is an automotive specialist and is currently doing most of the programming of transponder keys for the company.

Courtney Jewell

Office Manager

Courtney joined Precision in 2016 and is assisting in all areas of administration.

Halina Marciniack


Halina has been with the company since 2004 and handles all of the general accounting duties for the company.

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