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Commercial Security - Protect What You Value!


How easy is it for thieves to steal from your business?

Locks provide no protection if others can copy your keys. 

Of all burglaries, 30% are unlawful entry without force -- in many cases, the thief had a key.

Chances are, your keys can be duplicated anywhere keys are made, such as hardware stores (30,000 nationwide) and discount stores (26,000), and they only need your keys for a few moments.

Think of all the people who have had access to keys to your business, disgruntled employees, cleaning people, auto repair shops, previous owners.

Mul-T-Lock high security locks have unique keys that make it virtually impossible for someone to get a copy of your keys without your permission. The key control offered by these systems allows the owner to decide who and when additional keys are made for the business. 3 in 1 systems allow for emergency rekeying without the cost or delay of an on site service call.

Precision locksmithing Corp. can show you the weaknesses of the doors and locks on your premises, and more importantly, show you how to overcome these weak areas.

Glass and aluminum storefront door - weakest link in the chain?

Commercial storefront doors do not provide adequate protection against break-ins. In most cases, the keyed cylinder that controls the lock assembly on this type of door is exposed to at least three types of attack, any one of which can unlock that door within a very few minutes. Protection for this outside cylinder is necessary in today's security conscious climate. The aluminum door and frame cannot withstand a pry bar attack. Full-length plates called astragals can be installed in painted steel or stainless steel materials. These plates are custom made to provide the best protection against the pry bar. Window bars can be custom made to fit your door. Window film can be installed to prevent a rock from breaching your security. Access control systems can be integrated with these products to allow you and your staff seamless entry into your business, while preventing unauthorized entry.

Computers are the number one targets for thieves.

The prices of computers have come down drastically over the last few years, but the number of computer thefts continues to skyrocket. It takes a thief seconds to cut the cables and walk out with your computer and it can take days to reassemble the software and data you need to operate your business. Precision Locksmithing Corp. can protect your valuable information with a computer cage or cable system. Our computer cages are anchored to the desk or floor to provide the best protection against smash and grab artists, yet the CPU is still easily removed for service or upgrades. Cable systems are a cost effective way to secure peripheral equipment such as fax machines, printers and monitors.

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